‘Organic’ or spontaneous weddings

I think it’s nice for the couple to greet each other when the bride joins the groom and I often tell couples that they are welcome to be spontaneous (within reason of course). In fact, the very first couple whose ceremony I performed, a few years back now, were beautifully spontaneous: the bride literally twirled up the aisle while her groom walked down to meet her halfway; then they danced together back up the aisle. None of this had been rehearsed or even mentioned to me but it didn’t matter. In fact it helped to make the event so much more relaxed and fun (especially being my first!).

Some more unexpected things happened after that. For example, they had planned to have an Aboriginal elder doing a ‘welcome to country’ even before I did my welcome, but I wasn’t aware that he was actually going to play the didgeridoo first. I couldn’t understand why the microphone had been placed on the ground (for amplification of the didge). But it was all fine – wonderful in fact – and I just picked up the microphone when it was ‘my turn’.

So, while it’s nice to have everything planned, if something unexpected happens on the day, for whatever reason, there’s usually no problem at all.